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500 Ton Precision Metal Stamping Press, No. STS-500

Product description

500 Ton precision metal stamping press uses linear motion system, obviously eliminating the shape pressed by high torque. The press machine is particularly suitable for stamping thick materials with the requirement of high precision. And we can supply personalized equipment for you. If you need help in technical design and engineering application program, please contact us for professional service.

Product features

● Advanced technology from Europe, the United States, and Japan is applied in thepress machine. And we use CAE dynamic simulation to optimize functional structure.

● We use high-quality steel to weld machine frame and the frame are treated by tempering process and tension elimination.

● The key parts, such as gear and crank, are treated by chrome plating, nitriding, grinding and other high-standard processes.

● The press machine is equipped with famous controller, driving units, electromagnetic clutches, pneumatic components, bearing and other high-grade equipment.

● International technology class for press machine, measuring the specifications of press machine

● Electronic control part with multiple interfaces can meet different product/ high-quality processing unit

● High memory module/ software with specialized design

● Variable frequency drive with high integration and multi directions/Ex tending automatic equipment line

● Intelligent human machine interaction /high frequency control/ Ethernet & USB terminal


Name Unit STS-500
Capacity Ton 500 500
Rated tonnage point mm 13 7
Stroke mm 350 300
Stable speed s.p.m 10-25 15-30
Die height mm 700 650
Maximum counterbalance capacity kg 1500 1500
Slide adjustment mm 150 150
Bolster area mm 1200 x1200 1100 x1000
Slide area mm 1300 x1100 1200 x1100
Bolster thickness mm 220 220
Side opening mm 500 x650 450 x600
Height of the top surface of bed from floor level mm 800 800
Work energy Kwxp 7000 3800
Main motor HwxP VS.60 x4 VS.60 x4
Slide adjusting moter Kwxp 3 x4 3x4
Frame structure tie rod type

Standard configuration

  • Hydraulic overload protector
  • Electrical slide adjusting device
  • Digital die height indicator (precision:0.1mm)
  • Counter balancer of slide and die
  • Rotary cam switch
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Circular centralized lubrication device
  • Electromagnetic counter
  • Die over-run protection device
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Movable T type operation floor
  • Air supply connector
  • Free standing electrical cabinet
  • Maintenance tools and tool kit

Optional configuration

  • Die cushion
  • Upper slider feeding device
  • Lightening device for dies
  • Main motor inversion device
  • Photoelectric safety device
  • Safety slot and ball lock pins
  • Preset counter (6 digits)
  • Load bearing detection device
  • Miss-feed detection device
  • Variable-frequency drive
  • Basic bolt and soleplate
  • Anti-vibration device
  • Safety rack and safety ladder
  • Power socket
  • Rapid die change device
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