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Zhejiang Yiduan Precision Machinery Co. is a professional manufacturer of high-precision, high-speed stamping machines. With a strong record of great expertise over several years, clients know they can trust us for excellent quality and complete service. Our equipment is applied across a wide range of industries, including electronics production, construction, and industrial printing operations. Yiduan produces over 10 series of stamping presses, including APB precision metal stamping presses (25-45 tons), APA precision metal stamping presses (15-315 tons), STS precision metal stamping presses (200-600 Tons), APE H frame precision metal stamping presses (200-600 Tons) and double crank metal stamping presses. Across the STD, S2, and S4 series, the presses can reach over 1,000 tons of pressure during use. Yiduan presses are designed to maximize your production efficiency and speed with precision that is unprecedented. Details

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