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APE Precision Metal Stamping Press

160~600 Ton H Frame Precision Metal Stamping Press
APE Series precision metal stamping press has a high precision of 0.1mm, and it features easy operation and reliable performance.

Therefore, it is quite suitable in cutting, punching, bending and other machining for diverse metal plates. These metal plates could be used to produce motor casing, automobile parts, home appliance, computer cases, recording machine, power supply unit's bottom mounts and etc.

160~600 Ton H frame precision metal stamping press possesses wide bolster plate and wide opening, which contributes both single die stamping or multi-die stamping. Meanwhile, these designs also well support the operation of 2D or 3D automatic die changing device and robotic arms with servo motors. In this way, multi-functional feeding system will be achieved.

APE Series metal stamping press's features

  • High stiffness
    Its frame features high stiffness, high precision and wide bolster plate, which adopts welded steel plate and hot working process. The process helps to relieve its internal stress. Meanwhile, since it possesses a highly stiff frame, it could bear relatively large eccentric load.
  • High precision
    APE precision metal stamping press's transmission system is quite precise, which ensures the high presses precision during long-period operation. Meanwhile, cranks, gears, gear shafts and other moving parts all undergo hot working and grinding successively, which enables high performance in abrasion resistance, counterbalancing and stability. Therefore, Yiduan's APD precision metal stamping press enjoys high quality and long service life.
  • Automatic machining
    APE precision metal stamping press possesses closed circuit, which perfectly matches diverse automatic machining devices.
  • Stable and safe operation
    Comprehensive protection system is installed on the stamping press, which is designed to provide full protection for both operators and the machine. Our protection system is in accordance with the safety standards for pressing machine. Besides that, highly sensitive clutch and brake, together with the best double solenoid valve and overload protector in the world, are all equipped in the H frame precision metal stamping press. These designs help to provide slide a highly precise and safe operation/stop. Moreover, the slide also possesses high presses precision - 0.1mm, which contributes to a safe and fast operation.