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APD Precision Metal Stamping Press

80~315 Ton D Frame Precision Metal Stamping Press
APD Series Semi-closed high precision metal stamping press has a high precision of 0.1mm, and it features easy operation and reliable performance.
Yiduan's APD precision metal stamping press adopts semi-closed structure, which contributes to high stamping stability. Meanwhile, semi-closed structure also helps to prevent C-shape opening and low stamping precision caused by long-period stamping. Therefore, the stamping press is widely used in diverse parts' stamping and forming, such as electronic tools, communication tools, computer parts, home appliance parts, vehicle components (automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles), hardware tools and etc.

APD D Frame precision metal stamping press's features
High stiffness:

1. High stiffness, high precision: Its semi-closed frame adopts welded steel plate and hot working process. The process helps to relieve its internal stress.
2. Structural parts shares even loads and uniform rigidity, which guarantee a precise and stable stamping.

Balanced gravity
1. Slide's counterbalance device and slide itself share same center, which contributes to a balanced operation and even load distribution during slide's changing. Meanwhile, it also helps to provide a higher presses precision.
2. Precision stamping press possesses same center with its driving center, which allows for a stable and precise stamping.
3. Two slide counterbalancing devices are adopted in APD precision metal stamping press, which contributes to a balanced operation.

Reliable and safe operation
1. Since80~315 Ton APD precision metal stamping press is equipped with clutch, brake, double solenoid valve (controlling clutch by cutting off or putting through the air supply), overload protector, the safe and precise operation of stamping press's slides is guaranteed.
2. Allowable tolerance of the slide during high-speed operation could also arrive to 0.1mm, which enables the safety and stability of high-speed operation.

Stability in press precision
Cranks, gears, gear shafts and other moving parts all undergo hot working and grinding successively, which enables high performance in abrasion resistance and balancing property.

Eco-friendly and energy-saving
APD precision metal stamping press is silent during operation, and consumes small energy.