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80 Ton Precision Metal Stamping Press, No. APD-80

Product description

APD series 80-ton precision metal stamping press has a high precision of 0.1mm, and it features easy operation and reliable performance. Meanwhile, it adopts semi-closed structure, which contributes to high stamping stability. Meanwhile, semi-closed structure also helps to prevent C-shape opening and low stamping precision caused by long-period stamping. Therefore, the stamping press is widely used in diverse parts' stamping and forming, such as electronic tools, communication tools, computer parts, home appliance parts, vehicle components (automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles), hardware tools and etc.

Product features

● High stiffness for its frame: Quality welded steel plates are adopted as the raw material of 80-ton stamping press's frame. These plates undergo stress relieving, which allows for a high and stable presses precision.

● Precision stamping press possesses same center with its driving center, which allows for a stable and precise stamping.

● Two balancing devices are installed on our 80 –Ton precision stamping press, which allows a relatively stable operation.

● Allowable tolerance for this press machine is 0.1mm, which enables safe, convenient and reliable operation.

● After hard anodizing, grinding and other machining, our crankshaft, gears, connecting rods and other components all possess high performance in its physical and chemical properties.

● Since 80-ton precision metal stamping press is equipped with clutch, brake, double solenoid valve (controlling clutch by cutting off or putting through the air supply), overload protector, the safe and precise operation of stamping press's slides is guaranteed.


Name Unite APD-80
V Type H Type
Capacity Ton 80
Rated tonnage point mm 4 2
Stroke mm 150 70
Die height mm 340 380
Stroke per minute s.p.m 35-80 80-120
Slide adjustment mm 80
Slide area mm 560X420X70
Bolster area mm 760x550x90
Main motor kwxp 7.5x4
Slide adjust device HP Electrical driving
Air pressure kg/cm2 6
Presses dimension mm 1300x1890x3000
Presses weight Ton 7.8
Presses precision
GB(JIS) class 1
Die cushion capacity Ton 3.6
Stroke mm 70
Die cushion effective area mm2 450x310

Overall dimension

APD-80 360 180 150 560 300 220 50 180 420

Standard configuration

  • Transducer
  • Hydraulic overload protection system
  • Digital slide adjustment device
  • Mechanical die height indicator
  • Slides and die counterbalancing device
  • Misfeed detector
  • Power socket
  • Rotary cam switch
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Counter
  • Air supply connector
  • Die over-run protection device
  • Maintenance tools and tool kit
  • Operation manual

Optional configuration

  • Automatic grease lubrication system
  • Hydraulic die cushion
  • Preset counter
  • Precut counter
  • Foot switch
  • Rapid die change device (die lifter, die clamp, mold shift arm)
  • Upper slide feeding device
  • Press anti-vibration mounts
  • Light curtain safety device
  • Feeder (air feed, mechanical feeder, NC servo feeder)
  • Die rack
  • Straightening machine
  • Robotic arm
  • Lighting device for dies
  • Left (right) feeder
  • PAC 100 programmable automation controller
  • Man-machine system
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