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API Precision Metal Stamping Press

25~60 Ton Precision Metal Stamping Press
25~60 Ton precision metal stamping press can be used to process small electronic components with high precision and large yield, such as communication components, computer components, small components of household appliances, stator and rotor. The punch machine includes three models: API-25, API-45 and API-60. And if you want to know more detailed information, you can contact us for more professional service.


  • High-strength cast, long-term precision can be ensured after eliminating stress
  • The punch machine uses alloy steel bushing with forced lubrication, minimizing the thermal changes of slider and maximizing precision.
  • The punch machine uses dynamic balance system to balance the tremor caused by high-speed crank and slider, making the machine steadier.
  • We can adjust die height manually. And the punch machine is equipped with die height indicator and hydraulic clamping device.
  • Human machine interaction (electronic cam and rotary encoder) makes operation convenient and precise.
  • Integrated LCD screen contains all kinds of operation functions and it can automatically display the fault of base.
  • Clutch / brake device with high sensitivity and international advanced single solenoid valve can ensure the safety and precision of slider.
  • Electrical circuit of interior electrical appliances is reasonable. And the punch machine can automatically produce product with all kinds of automatic equipment, reducing costs and improving efficiency.