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Not able to reset after emergency stop

  • B.D.C (bottom dead center) sensor doesn't work.
    Check the electrical contact point. If there is anything wrong, replace the sensor.
  • Feed sensor doesn't work.
    Check the electrical contact point. If there is anything wrong, replace the sensor.
  • O.L.P. solenoid stuck.
    Check whether something inside to block the solenoid. Clean it or replace it.
  • Emergency stop circuit wire loosened.
    Check the circuit and fasten it.
  • Relay's close stops main motor.
    Check the current setting on thermal relay. If the setting is correct, reset the relay. Or adjust it.
  • Leakage in O.L.P.
    Check the packing seal. If any damage found, replace it.
  • Pre-set counter broken.
    Check the electrical contact point and clean it.
  • Oil level sensor broken.
    Replace it.
  • Wrong grease leads to abnormal lubricating.
    Check the specification of grease, if anything wrong, replace it.
  • Converter self-protect.
    Check the temperature of converter and the ventilation. Replace the fan if needed. Check the indicating light and follow the instruction manual to repair it.
  • Air pressure switch actuated by vibration.
    Check the air pressure in tank. If any wrong occured, replace the pressure switch.
  • Run out of battery.
    Replace a new battery.
  • Stuck release pressure switch broken.
    Check the switch. Replace it if need.
  • Air pressure switch setting loosened.
    Fasten it.

Abnormality in Slide

  • Cap above ball screw loosened.
    Clean inside and fasten all bolts.
  • Air pressure in counterbalance.
    Adjust it according to the pressure curve.
  • O.L.P. solenoid stuck
    Check it and connect it.
  • Parts loosened.
    Replace all the broken parts.
  • Locking pin loosened.
    Fasten it.

Oil leakage

  • Oil pipe loosened in con-rod.
    Fasten the pipe.
  • Oil is over added in gear box.
    Drain the excess oil till the suitable oil level.
  • Packing seal in the O.L.P. broken.
    Replace it.
  • Packing seal ageing and broken.
    Replace it.
  • Leakage in O.L.P. pressure switch.
    Replace it.
  • Oil splash in Clutch/Brake air exhaust.
    Check the pneumatic lubrication oil amount.
  • Oil splash in slide gib.
    Check the oil amount and adjust it. Also, check the oil pan position.

Air leakage

  • Counterbalance.
    Check the upper and lower part sof cylinder. Replace the packing seal if need.
  • Piping.
    Check all the fittings, replace if need.
  • Die cushion.
    Check all packing seals. Replace it if need.
  • O.L.P.
    Check all packing seal, Replace it if need.
  • Leakage in filter.
    Check oil cup in filter. Replace it if need.
  • Solenoid.
    If there is something wrong inside to stuck, clean it.

Abnormality in Slide adjust

  • Motor's stop.
    Check thermal relay and reset it.
  • Air pressure too high.
    Adjust the air pressure based on the balance chart.
  • Die height limit circuit broken.
    Check the upper and lower limit circuit. Re-wire it if need.
  • Motor wire loosened or short circuit.
    It could cause motor and contactor burning. Check wire condition.
  • Switch broken.
    Replace it.
  • Connector of solenoid broken.
    Re-wire it.
  • Brake lining broken.
    Replace lining.
  • Wiring in T-stand broken.
    Re-wire it.
  • Worm gear and wheel wear off.
    Replace all.
  • Slide locking cylinder stuck.
    Check cylinder and clean it.
  • Air pressure too high in counterbalance.
    Adjust to suitable air pressure based on the pressure chart.
  • Upper and lower limit can't work properly.
    Check the limit setting and wiring condition.

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