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Customer Support

Professional technicians

Yiduan possesses a professional customer service department, and each member of the department undergoes strict technical training and possesses sophisticated experience.

Yiduan offers phone, email, and other support methods, which allows us to efficiently serve our clients. When they contact us, they could expect a fast response within 24 hours.

One-stop service

We are pretty sure that stamping is an essential part for your manufacturing, which means that our stamping press should have a stable and well operation at any time. Therefore, Yiduan's technician is always there to solve your problems.

Yiduan has established a well-trained and qualified team for stamping press's maintenance and related problem solving.

Product maintenance system

Have you regularly changed your automotive fuel? The answer is probably yes. So why don't you move car's tires and check its brakes, drive belt and water pump when you are changing its fuel?

Similarly, detailed testing should also be carried out for stamping press before major failure occurs. The testing could largely extend press machine's service life. Besides detailed testing, Yiduan's technicians will also deliver professional guidance towards its maintenance. In this way, our stamping press could always function well.

Large component stock

Yiduan always possesses some components in stock for emergency needs. Therefore, our press machine will never powered off due to the loss of components.

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