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Ningbo Yiduan Precision Machinery Co. is a trusted manufacturer of high precision and high speed stamping equipment with proven expertise in design and production. In addition to our precision stamping presses, high speed stamping machines and H-frame stamping presses, we also work on the development of related automated systems.

Today, Yiduan produces over 10 series of stamping presses, including APB precision metal stamping presses (25-45 tons), APA precision metal stamping presses (15-315 tons), STS precision metal stamping presses (200-600 Tons), APE H frame precision metal stamping presses (200-600 Tons) and double crank metal stamping presses. Across the STD, S2, and S4 series, the presses can reach over 1,000 tons of pressure during use.

Since our equipment features high precision, easy operation, and is simple to maintain, we have earned a positive reputation in the industry within a relatively short period of time. Our machinery is used in a wide range of processing applications from electronics production all the way to printing and packaging industrial uses.

Headquartered in the Ningbo Economic and Technical Development Zone, Yiduan has established several branches in some of China's major cities and we have established an extensive service network in China and internationally.

Yiduan has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification and obtained CE certification. Therefore, we qualify for distribution of our high-quality products for customers.

Ningbo Yiduan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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