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APC Precision Metal Stamping Press

110~250 Ton Precision Metal Stamping Press
APC series double crank precision steel frame press machine helps to prevent forward tilt – the direct cause to produce deviation. In this way, stamping’s high-precision and small vibration could be well achieved. Therefore, the stamping press is quite suitable for multi-station precision pressing.

Yiduan’s APC series precision stamping press machine possesses diverse stamping capacity, including 110 Ton, 160Ton, 200 Ton and 250 Ton. And its presses precision arrives to Class 1 JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).

Standard configuration

  • Dry clutch brake
  • Standard operating system of Yiduan
  • Choice/cutting/inch/safe journey/continuation of operating mode
  • Oil pressure overload protection device
  • Over-run safety device
  • Double solenoid valve
  • Misfeed detector
  • Electric slider adjusting device
  • Digital molding-height indicator (unit: 0.1 mm)
  • Electric grease lubricating device
  • Accumulative counter (6 digits)
  • Pre-determined counter (6 digits)
  • Maintenance counter (6 digits)
  • Life counter (6 digits)
  • Electronic rotary cam switch (6 connections)
  • Air-blast device 1/2" primary circuit
  • Air source connector 1/2" secondary circuit
  • Error inspection socket
  • Power socket (only applied to single-phase 110V power)

Optional configuration

  • Wet clutch brake
  • Die cushion device
  • Vs variable-speed motor
  • Touch-screen device
  • Photo-electric safety device
  • Upper slider feeding device
  • Main motor inversion device
  • Foot switch
  • Safety dog and safety latch
  • T-type two-hand button operating floor
  • Inspection variable connection magnetic valve
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Rapid tooling exchange
  • Upper die clamper
  • Lower die clamper
  • Die lifter
  • Mold-shift arm
  • Basic bolt and soleplate
  • Automatic feeder device
  • Three-in-one NC straightening feeder
  • NC idler wheel feeder
  • Three-in-one feeder and straightening machine
  • Straightening machine