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25 Ton Metal Stamping Press, No. APB-25

Product description

APB 25 Ton metal stamping machine's presses precision arrives to class 1-JIS (Japanese industrial standards). Therefore, it is quite suitable for small - or middle-size stamping parts' machining.

Product features

● The raw material of 25 Ton metal stamping press's frame adopts integrated cast iron, which undergoes hot working. The process relieves its internal stress, and allows for good performance in precision, stiffness and vibration resistance.

● Linear motion system of its slide contributes to a precise and stable operation.

● All the driving parts in 25 Ton metal stamping press adopt automatic lubrication system, which enables real-time control and self-protection.

● Clutch, brake, and double solenoid valve are all highly sensitive and stable, which enables the safe and precise operation/stop of slide.

● 25 Ton metal stamping press's electrical circuit is in accordance with European standard.

● Yiduan's 25 Ton metal stamping press enjoys a reasonable structure, which enables automatic production, low cost and high working efficiency.


Capacity ton 25
Stroke mm 30
Die height mm 200
Stroke per minute s.p.m 200-400
Slide adjustment mm 50
Slide area mm 300x245x50
Bolster area mm 530X310X70
Bed opening (LRxFB) mm 300x160
Main motor kwxp VS2.2X4
Max. weight of upper die kg 30
Presses dimension mm 1100x760x1800
Presses weight ton 1.8
Presses precision

Standard configuration

  • Release devise for stuck die
  • Air blast system
  • Automatic circulation lubrication system
  • Manual operated slide adjustment device
  • Counter
  • PLC (Programmable logic controller)
  • Slides and die counterbalancing device
  • Rotary cam switch
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Air supply connector

Optional configuration

  • Press anti-vibration mounts
  • Variable-frequency drive
  • Lighting device for dies
  • Preset counter
  • Feeder
  • Misfeed detector
  • ECAM (electric cam) monitor
  • PAC100 programmable automation controller
  • Man - machine system
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