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600 Ton Double Crank Metal Stamping Press, No. STD-600

Product description

600 Ton double crank metal stamping press can be used to stamp heavy metal with large thickness, such as parts of motorcycle and bicycle, automatic equipment of home appliances.

Product features

● The punch machine has linear motion system for slide in eight directions, ensuring the accuracy of operation.

● Hydraulic overload protection system can automatically stop the operation of punch machine when overload happens, ensuring the safety of punch machine and die. And the system is convenient to use.

● The punch machine uses PLC electrical centralized control system, meeting the operational specifications of emergency stop

● Dry pneumatic friction clutch is featured of low noise, large clutch torque, small braking angle and easy maintenance.

● Unitized straight side frame with good rigidity consists of beam, column and base. And we use 4 tensile screw rods to tighten the frame. (400~600)


Name Unit STD-600
Capacity Ton 600
Rated tonnage point mm 13 9
Stroke mm 400 300
Speed changing s.p.m 15-30 25-50
Die height mm 650 700
Slide adjustment mm 200
Slide area mm 3600X1400
Bolster area mm 3600X1500
Side opening mm 1000X700
Die cushion capacity Ton 80

Standard configuration

  • Variable speed motor
  • Hydraulic overload protector
  • Electrical slide adjusting device
  • Free standing electrical cabinet
  • Movable operation floor
  • Digital die height indicator (precision: 0.1MM)
  • Electrical grease lubrication device
  • Power socket
  • Die over-run protection device
  • Mis-feed detection device
  • Preset counter (6 digits)
  • Air supply connector 1/2" one channel
  • Air supply connector 1/2" two channels

Optional configuration

  • Die cushion
  • Photoelectric safety device
  • Upper slider feeding device
  • Safety slot and ball lock pins
  • Anti-vibration device
  • Lighting device for dies
  • Quick die change device
  • Moveable operation floor
  • Variable-frequency drive
  • Automatic feeding system
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