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25 Ton Precision Metal Stamping Press, No. APL-25

Product description

25 Ton metal stamping press can be used to process small electronic components with high precision and large yield, such as communication components, computer components, small components of household appliances, stator, rotor and other small components.

Product features

● The punch machine uses dynamic balance system, increasing the service life of punch machine and die.

● Hydraulic slide uses sticking release device, improving reliability.

● New linkage driving device can improve the precision and stability of punch machine.


Name APL-25
Model A B C
Capacity 25
Rated tonnage point 1.2
Stroke mm 20 30 40
Stroke per minute s,p.m 100-600 100-500 100-400
Die height mm 225 220 215
Bolster area mm 650x390x75
Slide area mm 280x250
Slide adjustment mm 30
Main motor 3.7x4P
Shank hole 38.1
Bed opening 270x150
lubrication device Forced circular lubrication device


Model A B C D E F G/g H/h I KxJ LxM O T(Wxdxs)
APL-25 2040 1067 195 416 860 835 1170/360 1354/353 100 14x200 260x120 Φ60x95L 15x5x66

Standard configuration

  • Top stop
  • Variable speed motor
  • Hydraulic clamping device
  • Slide and die counterbalancing device
  • Die height indicator
  • Slide adjusting device
  • Microcomputer control system
  • Operation cabinet at the front of frame
  • Forced circular lubrication device
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Miss-feed socket: 2 sets
  • Air supply connector
  • User manual
  • Tool kit

Optional configuration

  • Anti-vibration device
  • Grease lubrication device
  • Bottom dead center sensor
  • Quick die change device
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